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Buy Encoding RDP - Cheap Encoding RDP Available in [2023]

What Is An Encoding RDP?

The most common question people ask is “what is encoding RDP?” The answer is quite simple. Encoding RDP is used to install software that requires admin permissions. Even you can use an encoding RDP to edit videos, convert videos, download and upload videos in a short amount of time. Quite convenient isn’t it? Because of all these facilities, the demand for encoding RDP is increasing with time.

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People who are interested in computers and software are aware of the word “RDP”. The full form of RDP is The Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol. And the function of RDP is to provide input capabilities as well as a remote display over Windows-based applications. Many people don’t know about encoding RDP.

Cheap Yet Best Encoding RDP That Are Available.

Even though the demand for encoding is high, many can’t afford it because of its high price. Encoding RDP can be quite costly. However, there is nothing to worry about. There are many cheap encoding RDP available. When people think about cheap encoding RDP people, another common question that comes to peoples’ minds is that “Will the low-cost one will be good as the expensive ones?”. Indeed, the cheap ones won’t be as good as the expensive ones however the cheap ones will be the best encoding RDP for your use.

Now let’s get to know about cheap yet the best ones that are available for you to use.

Economy Encode

Amongst all the encode RDP, Economy Encode is the cheapest. You will have to pay a reasonable amount per month. After hearing the cost of Economy Encode people think it isn’t good enough, or it might not have a lot of features. It is packed with a lot of amazing features. 

  • Economy Encode comes with a Dual Intel Xeon E5620. 
  • Then it also contains 500 GB HDD Disk Space and 64GB RAM. So you don’t have to think twice before saving any video. 
  • Apart from these amazing features, Economy Encode has Unlimited Bandwidth. So you can get free access to the server without any sort of hassle. Then with Unlimited Bandwidth, you can use multiple websites if they are hosted on the same managed hosting server.

Deluxe Encode

Deluxe Encode is another cheap encoding RDP. If you want an encoding RDP with more space then Deluxe Encode is an ideal choice for you to use. Every month you have to pay $22.99. Even though you are paying a low amount of money you won’t feel like you are paying so low. As Deluxe Encode is packed with mind-blowing features.

  • It has Dual Intel Xeon E5620. 
  • Then you will get to experience 1 TB HDD Disk Space as well as 64GB RAM. Now you can save any video of any size without worrying about space. 
  • You will also get Unlimited Bandwidth. And advantages of Unlimited Bandwidth are mentioned above. The facilities of Deluxe Encode don’t end here. 
  • Deluxe Encode also comes with Windows server 2012 Included along with 1Gbps Uplink

Value Encode

Value Encode is quite a famous cheap Encoding RDP. It has a lot of fame because of the attractive facilities it provides. You can experience all its facilities by paying a reasonable price per month. 

  • Value Encode has a 1.5 TB HDD Disk Space and 64GB RAM. As the price increases, you can say the amount of HDD disk space increases. And everyone wants to use an encoding RDP with higher Disk Space. 
  • Then you will find that Value Encode has Windows server 2012 Included as well as Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Last but not least it has 1Gbps Uplink.

Encoding RDP Beginner

If you are a new user of encoding RDP and you have a low budget then the ‘Encoding RDP Beginner’ plan is perfect for you. With only a little amount of money per month, you can use this cheap encoding RDP. Encoding RDP Beginner has everything any user desires. You might be thinking “what will be the features at such a low price?” let’s get to know about the features.

  • It has 20 Core as well as AMD EPYC 7502P.
  • When you will use Encoding RDP Beginner you won’t need any access to the admin
  • Then it comes with a Europe Server
  • Its Port speed is 1 GBPS and you will experience unlimited Bandwidth.

Encoding RDP Intermediate

When you will use any encoding RDP for a longer time you will get to learn about it. You will get to learn more about computers and software. As a result, you will need an encoding RDP with more features that are available. So you can go for Encoding RDP Intermediate. To use it you have to pay a budget-friendly price. To experience more new things everyone has to pay more. But your money will be worth it. No worries then. 

  • Encoding RDP Intermediate has 24 Core. The higher the score, the more smother will be using.
  • Then it has 300 GB of Space, so you can use it for a longer time without worrying about the shortage.
  • Encoding RDP Intermediate comes with 64 GB RAM as well as 1 GBPS Port Speed.
  • The server of the Encoding RDP is Europe.

Encoding RDP Advance

Cheap Encoding RDP is one of the few there is Encoding RDP Advance. It is basically for professionals. Professionals involve themselves in many complicated problems that require encoding RDP with advanced features. Among them, the price of Encoding RDP Advance is the highest. But it is still less than many other Encoding RDP with advanced features. Its monthly payment is $49. 

  • Even though the price is a bit high, it has 56 Threads and 128 GB RAM. So you can imagine how smoothly your user experience will be.
  • Then it has 400 GB of Space, which is high.
  • Encoding RDP Advance has Unmetered Bandwidth, also provides no Admin Access opportunities.

This whole topic will help you to choose between all the cheap Encoding RDP. This topic covered all the advantages of each encoding RDP. So after reading this one, you can buy any Encoding RDP according to your need.

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